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Paying for College

In today's competitive job market, education can be a major competitive advantage; but also a costly one. You can take the steps now to begin saving for your child / grandchild's education rather than facing a huge debt in the future.

College is one goal people start saving for early, when they have young children in their homes. Others may want to save money so you or your spouse can return to school. Many grandparents are also interested in providing for their grandchildren’s education. Whatever your goals, people often use a variety of tools, including 529 plans, to accomplish their education-related ambitions. And did you also know you might be able to use a 529 savings plan to save on taxes when paying tuition at a private K through 12 school for children in your home? Checking with one of our Financial Professionals is a great way to make sure you reach your education-related goals.

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