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Believe your ears. Listen to Bob’s radio show.

Whether you’re commuting or listening to the podcast, Bob has advice for you. Tune in to his show Money Talk to learn everything you ever wanted to know about financial planning, investment advice, and retirement income planning!


About Bob

Bob Hardcastle is the host of Money Talk radio on KTRS 550AM and the president of Delta Investment Services, Inc. At Delta, he offers his clients a full range of services including, financial planning, portfolio reviews, and investment management. Here on the show, he aims to help people “feel more comfortable with their money.”

Bob is an annual “Miracle Worker” for the St. Louis Variety Club Telethon, a supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association and holds a place in the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame. Registered Representative of and securities offered through Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc. (BFCFS). Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through BFC planning, Inc. Delta Investment Services, Inc., BFCFS, and BFC Planning, Inc. are independent entities.

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The written word isn’t dead—you can get more from a good book than you might imagine. It’s the oldest, clearest way to process information, and to be entertained by a talented storyteller! Pick up these books by president and CEO Bob Hardcastle today!

College Baseball and Other Shenanigans


Hardy has always been a guy on the move. He went from playing corkball in North St. Louis alleys, to being a shortstop at age 10, and running for senior class president in high school. But that wouldn’t hold a candle to the thrills that he’d have his first year of college, where, between classes, he played thrilling baseball, while revving up to hit the majors. On off nights, Hardy found himself in shenanigan after shenanigan: wrestling with the troublemakers, a drunken night in the woods, orchestrating a bra-throwing party, gulping fried chicken at mom and pop spots on the road, and chasing girls – one, a mysterious green-eyed Strawberry Queen, and the other, a high school beauty, who would become a keeper. Along the way, he’d play an ill-timed game of chicken with a train, build a close relationship with an unpredictable “Coach,” play a game of baseball with a convicted killer, wind up with a careful of musicians blasting out “When the Saints Go Marching In” on special “instruments”, go eye-to-eye with an alligator, and be brought to his knees by a giant ball of tobacco. The story gets tense during the tight, final Conference Game; and oh yes, you’ll meet Hardy’s hapless friends dubbed “The Animals,” and many best friends, including, Big Judy, Doc and the “Itch.” Yes, it was shenanigan, after shenanigan, but oh my, it was a very good year...


Money Minutes: How to Grow and Manage Your Money One Easy Idea at a Time


Money Minutes is a simple and practical guide, offering the reader quick one-page informative answers to hundreds of the most pressing personal finance money and retirement questions confronting everyone. The author, Bob Hardcastle, distills the most pressing worries that he has heard over and over again during his 40 years of broadcasting personal money and financial advice on the radio, television, and in his financial planning practice into short, valuable and practical nuggets that any reader can easily put to immediate use.


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