Money Talk Radio Show

Bob Hardcastle’s Money Talk radio program has been airing for nearly 3 decades.

Money Talk currently airs live on KTRS 550 AM in St. Louis, Missouri from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. every Sunday morning. Money Talk is a one-hour show in which Bob Hardcastle discusses his investment approach formed from his nearly 50 years of experience in the investment field. Listeners can call in to ask various investment questions. The caller’s questions are answered in an easily understandable third-grade/seventh-month language, allowing them to enjoy all of the different facets of the Money Talk program.

Each week there is a specific topic discussed, such as IRA planning, insurance development, financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning or other important investment and financial-planning topics. There are also special guests each week that talk on various subjects that can help our Money Talk listeners better understand the topic and feel comfortable in how it relates to them individually in either a family or business relationship.

Thousands of questions have come in over the years. We continue to receive compliments on the ease of understanding and how much the listeners enjoy Money Talk. Tune in and we hope you too will enjoy Money Talk. If you live locally in St. Louis you can listen to Money Talk every Sunday morning on 550 AM from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. You can also hear Money Talk live on the KTRS website at

To hear any of our past shows, just click on one of the links below.  If you wish to save the MP3 to your computer, right click the 'Download' link and choose your browser's option to download the file.  If you wish to listen right away, click on the 'Stream' link and you will immediately see a player appear below the photograph to the right.  Navigating away from this page will stop the audio from streaming.

08/25/2014Money Talk 8.24.14DownloadStream
08/18/2014Money Talk 8.17.14DownloadStream
08/11/2014Money Talk 8.10.14DownloadStream
08/04/2014Money Talk 8.3.14DownloadStream
07/28/2014Money Talk 7.27.14DownloadStream
07/21/2014Money Talk 7.20.14DownloadStream
07/14/2014Money Talk 7.13.14DownloadStream
07/07/2014Money Talk 7.6.14DownloadStream
06/30/2014Money Talk 6.29.14DownloadStream
06/23/2014Money Talk 6.22.14DownloadStream
06/16/2014Money Talk 6.15.14DownloadStream
06/09/2014Money Talk 6.8.14DownloadStream
06/02/2014Money Talk 6.1.14DownloadStream
05/26/2014Money Talk 5.25.14DownloadStream
05/12/2014Money Talk 5.11.14DownloadStream
05/05/2014Money Talk 5.4.14DownloadStream
04/28/2014Money Talk 4.27.14DownloadStream
04/21/2014Money Talk 4.20.14DownloadStream
04/14/2014Money Talk 4.13.14DownloadStream
04/07/2014Money Talk 4.6.14DownloadStream
03/31/2014Money Talk 3.30.14DownloadStream
03/25/2014Money Talk 3.24.14DownloadStream
03/03/2014Money Talk 3.2.14DownloadStream
02/25/2014Money Talk 2.24.14DownloadStream
02/10/2014Money Talk 2.9.14DownloadStream
02/03/2014Money Talk 2.2.14DownloadStream
01/27/2014Money Talk 1.26.14DownloadStream
01/20/2014Money Talk 1.19.14DownloadStream
01/13/2014Money Talk 1.12.14DownloadStream
01/06/2014Money Talk 1.5.14DownloadStream
12/30/2013Money Talk 12.29.13DownloadStream
12/23/2013Money Talk 12.22.13DownloadStream
12/16/2013Money Talk 12.15.13DownloadStream
12/09/2013Money Talk 12.8.13DownloadStream
12/02/2013Money Talk 12.1.13DownloadStream
11/25/2013Money Talk 11.24.13DownloadStream
11/18/2013Money Talk 11.17.13DownloadStream
11/11/2013Money Talk 11.10.13DownloadStream
11/04/2013Money Talk 11.3.13DownloadStream
10/28/2013Money Talk 10.27.13DownloadStream
10/21/2013Money Talk 10.20.13DownloadStream
10/14/2013Money Talk 10.13.13DownloadStream
10/07/2013Money Talk 10.6.13DownloadStream
09/30/2013Money Talk 9.29.13DownloadStream
09/23/2013Money Talk 9.22.13DownloadStream
09/16/2013Money Talk 9.15.13DownloadStream
09/09/2013Money Talk 9.8.13DownloadStream
09/01/2013Money Talk 9.1.13DownloadStream
08/26/2013Money Talk 8.25.13DownloadStream
08/19/2013Money Talk 8.18.13DownloadStream
08/12/2013Money Talk 8.11.13DownloadStream
08/05/2013Money Talk 8.4.13DownloadStream
07/29/2013Money Talk 7.28.13DownloadStream
07/22/2013Money Talk 7.21.13DownloadStream
07/15/2013Money Talk 7.14.13DownloadStream
07/08/2013Money Talk 7.7.13DownloadStream
07/01/2013Money Talk 6.30.13DownloadStream
06/24/2013Money Talk 6.23.13DownloadStream
06/17/2013Money Talk 6.16.13DownloadStream
06/10/2013Money Talk 6.9.13DownloadStream
06/03/2013Money Talk 6.2.13DownloadStream
06/03/2013Money Talk 6.2.13DownloadStream
05/27/2013Money Talk 5.26.13DownloadStream
05/20/2013Money Talk 5.19.13DownloadStream
05/13/2013Money Talk 5.12.13DownloadStream
05/06/2013Money Talk 5.5.13DownloadStream
04/29/2013Money Talk 4.28.13DownloadStream
04/22/2013Money Talk 4.21.13DownloadStream
04/15/2013Money Talk 4.14.13DownloadStream
04/08/2013Money Talk 4.7.13DownloadStream
04/01/2013Money Talk 3.31.13DownloadStream
03/25/2013Money Talk 3.24.13DownloadStream
03/18/2013Money Talk 3.17.13DownloadStream
03/11/2013Money Talk 3.10.13DownloadStream
03/02/2013Money Talk 3.3.13DownloadStream
02/25/2013Money Talk 2.24.13DownloadStream
02/18/2013Money Talk 2.17.13DownloadStream
02/11/2013Money Talk 2.10.13DownloadStream
02/04/2013Money Talk 2.3.13DownloadStream
01/28/2013Money Talk 1.27.13DownloadStream
01/21/2013Money Talk 1.20.13DownloadStream
01/14/2013Money Talk 1.13.13DownloadStream
01/07/2013Money Talk 1.6.13DownloadStream
12/29/2012Money Talk 12.29.12DownloadStream
12/23/2012Money Talk 12.22.12DownloadStream
12/17/2012Money Talk 12.16.12DownloadStream
12/10/2012Money Talk 12.9.12DownloadStream
12/02/2012Money Talk 12.2.12DownloadStream
11/26/2012Money Talk 11.25.12DownloadStream
11/19/2012Money Talk 11.18.12DownloadStream
11/12/2012Money Talk 11.11.12DownloadStream
11/05/2012Money Talk 11.4.12DownloadStream
10/29/2012Money Talk 10.28.12DownloadStream
10/22/2012Money Talk 10.21.12DownloadStream
10/15/2012Money Talk 10.14.12DownloadStream
10/07/2012Money Talk 10.7.12DownloadStream
09/30/2012Money Talk 9.30.12DownloadStream
09/24/2012Money Talk 9.23.12DownloadStream
09/17/2012Money Talk 9.16.12DownloadStream
09/10/2012Money Talk 9.9.12DownloadStream
09/03/2012Money Talk 9.2.12DownloadStream
08/27/2012Money Talk 8.26.12DownloadStream
08/20/2012Money Talk 8.19.12DownloadStream
08/13/2012Money Talk 8.12.12DownloadStream
08/06/2012Money Talk 8.5.12DownloadStream
07/30/2012Money Talk 7.29.12DownloadStream
07/23/2012Money Talk 7.22.12DownloadStream
07/16/2012Money Talk 7.15.12DownloadStream
07/09/2012Money Talk 7.8.12DownloadStream
07/02/2012Money Talk 7.1.12DownloadStream
06/25/2012Money Talk 6.24.12DownloadStream
06/17/2012Money Talk 6.17.12DownloadStream
06/10/2012Money Talk 6.10.12DownloadStream
06/04/2012Money Talk 6.3.12DownloadStream
05/27/2012Money Talk 5.27.12DownloadStream
05/20/2012Money Talk 5.20.12DownloadStream
05/14/2012Money Talk 5.13.12DownloadStream
05/06/2012Money Talk 5.6.12DownloadStream
04/29/2012Money Talk 4.29.12DownloadStream
04/23/2012Money Talk 4.22.12DownloadStream
04/15/2012Money Talk 4.15.12DownloadStream
04/08/2012Money Talk 4.8.12DownloadStream
04/01/2012Money Talk 4.1.12DownloadStream
03/25/2012Money Talk 3.25.12DownloadStream
03/18/2012Money Talk 3.18.12DownloadStream
03/11/2012Money Talk 3.11.12DownloadStream
03/04/2012Money Talk 3.4.12, IDownloadStream
03/04/2012Money Talk 3.4.12, IIDownloadStream
02/26/2012Money Talk 2.26.12DownloadStream
02/27/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
02/27/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/27/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/20/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
02/20/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/20/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/13/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
02/13/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/13/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/06/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
02/06/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
02/06/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/30/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
01/30/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/30/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/23/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
01/23/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/23/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/16/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
01/16/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/16/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/09/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
01/09/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/09/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/02/2011Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
01/02/2011Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
01/02/2011Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/26/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
12/26/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/26/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/19/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
12/19/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/19/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/12/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
12/12/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/12/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/05/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
12/05/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
12/05/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/28/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
11/28/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/28/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/21/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
11/21/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/21/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/14/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
11/14/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/14/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/07/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
11/07/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
11/07/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/31/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
10/31/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/31/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/24/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
10/24/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/24/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/17/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
10/17/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/17/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/10/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
10/10/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/10/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/03/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
10/03/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
10/03/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
09/26/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
09/26/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
09/26/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
09/19/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
09/19/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
09/19/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
09/12/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
09/12/2010Part II, 9 am hour - unavailableDownloadStream
09/05/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
09/05/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
09/05/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/29/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
08/29/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/29/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/22/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
08/22/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/22/2010Part III, late 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/15/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
08/15/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/08/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
08/08/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
08/01/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
08/01/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
07/25/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
07/25/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
07/18/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
07/18/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream
07/04/2010Part I, 8 am hourDownloadStream
07/04/2010Part II, 9 am hourDownloadStream

Money Talk Radio Show

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